Bulldoggin' It

Bold type-driven art direction for HEDERA's upcoming sophomore release.

For HEDERA's upcoming release Bulldoggin' It, the group chose to more intimately explore the analog techniques and ideas that began their musical journey. Over a two year period, the band wrote, produced, and engineered the album from the ground up in a fabric warehouse space turned studio in Philly's Germantown neighborhood. To best match the aural aesthetic of this experience, HEDERA was documented using various analog visual media including, but not limited to, 35mm film, Polaroid film, Peel-a-part film, and Super 8 motion picture film. These materials were combined with notes written over the creation process for added texture and a personal touch. The whole look is tied together using bold chamfered letterforms inspired by the type-heavy Blue Note album covers the band is so fond of.

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