Workhorse Brewing Co.

Logo Design and Brand Development for Philly's hardest working brewery.

With a dream and a vision, entrepreneur Dan Hershberg and his team came to Finch Brands to help bring their new brewery, located just outside of Philadelphia, to life. Having studied the craft brewing landscape and after interviewing every brewer they could, the Workhorse team was determined to get it right from day one. Beyond making great tasting beer, this meant building a brand that reflected the team’s spirit and dedication to their craft and customer.

Machine shop iconography and an Americana color palette capture the Workhorse spirit and craftsmanship. The logo in its various forms feels at home in many applications, whether that be proudly on the walls of the Workhorse flagship taproom or shrunken down to fit the limited space of a tap handle. In 2019, Finch Brands was awarded a Silver Addy by the American Advertising Federation for their work on the Workhorse logo.

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